Monday, 6 October 2014

Definition of Market


Market is a place carry out the trading people gathered on a regular basis, trading in the (market) this market I refer to the concept of the social fabric that is similar to the mechanism.Is a square merchants set up a partition, buyers seek the goods (market) market. Market for this kind of very old, the market for countless are operated all over the world. Can refer to a place of financial transactions and securities fresh food vegetables, fruits, and seafood, such as stocks and bonds, such as exchange mainly in many cases. To be read as "Shi-jo" in the financial relationship, such as securities and foreign exchange. Moreover, when the name of the facilities are "Shi-jo" often.


Word or "city" and "market" in the Japanese language, derived from "city,Shimonomura people, Shimonomura goods, trade, each obtained during the day because" in that of China in the "I Ching" Cage under transfer it is said to be a result. In ancient China, doing business in the area other than the specific city that authorities are forbidden, it was referred to as a "city" there.

Wholesale market

The transactions by wholesalers, there are a case of performing the price determined by the auction a number of vendors gathered, and a case where the transaction price is determined by individual negotiation. Referred to as the "wholesale market" in general (virtual reality space or space) to place, such as the former, the transactions by auction. On the other hand, in some cases by paying attention to an item or country or region, is referred to as "wholesale market" to refer to the entire picture statistical Wholesale in that range. In this case, I include both the former and the latter of the above.

In Japan, you are defined by Wholesale Market Law a place to auction trading in the real space agriculture, livestock, and fisheries products shall be specified by a Cabinet Order. This law, the provisions Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ie country (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) to authorization and supervision as "Central Wholesale Market", prefectural governors ie local (prefectural) to authorization and supervision and "local wholesale market." have.

It's become an open person, in the case of Central Wholesale Market is limited to local governments over a certain size that is "broad coalition or some clerical union these prefectures, or city of more than 200,000 population to join" but, one local governments, private companies, associations and third sector even better if the local wholesale market. Was established in March 31, 2011 by the "9th Central Wholesale Market development plan", large ones will to be defined in the "base market", the central wholesale market large local wholesale market "central location market", a large-scale has been classified as "regional hub market"